Carnè Park - Brisighella

The territory is part of the Vein of chalk in Romagna, the formation of which dates back to the Messinian age (from 6.5 to 5.5 million years ago) during a temporary closure of the Mediterranean sea with consequent water evaporation. The extreme solubility of the gypsum banks has created a karstic landscape characterized by sinkholes, erosions, caves and swallowed wells, where rainwater flows. Therefore it represents an extremely interesting geological area. Numerous the abysses and the underground galleries, only partially explored, the most important are the abyss Fantini, Garibaldi, Morning and Peroni flowing into the main collector, in addition to the resurgent cave of the Rio Cavinale from which the waters return to the surface. All around a thick Mediterranean scrub and meadows create a corner of enjoyable nature in all seasons.