Foto: PH. Paritani

Casteldelci is overlooked by Mount Fumaiolo where the river Tevere rises and not far from Mount Zucca, the source of the River Marecchia. It is the highest place in the area, rising to 1355 metres above sea level. It is scarcely populated with approximately 500 inhabitants.

The historic figure of mention in a visit to this small village is Uguccione della Faggiola, born here in 1250. He represents one of the main figures of the early 14th century, head of the Italian Ghibellines and astute negotiator between the Pope and the Emperor.

This fierce commander is closely linked to Dante Alighieri, he hosted the poet and in return he received a text of the Inferno signed and dedicated to him.

Taking a walk through the old village streets of Casteldelci you can breathe the silence of a place seemingly forgotten, but in reality waiting to awaken like a butterfly from a chrysalis, to open its wings and fly high to discover the green sea around it.