Santarcangelo di Romagna

Santarcangelo di Romagna, considered: "The door to the Valmarecchia", is a lively and charming village.


Montefiore is recognised as one of the most “Beautiful villages in Italy”


Saludecio has become classified as one of the "Cities of painted walls” thanks to the painting of murals on the walls of houses.


Mondaino is a small fortified village in the Conca Valley.


Montegridolfo is one of the best preserved villages in the Rimini area.


Ravenna is a very important city in Emilia-Romagna, for its history, art and culture. It has been a capital three times.


Each year the Festa Artusiana takes place to celebrate Pellegrino Artusi, the man who was born here and has become the symbol of the Italian cuisine.


Brisighella is a hospitable land, rich in tradition, flavours, architectural and natural beauties.


Casteldelci is the highest place in the area, rising to 1355 metres above sea level.


In 1992 Longiano received the title of “The Ideal Village” assigned by the European Community and the magazine Airone.


“…A greatly loved small village in Romagna” so wrote Giovanni Pascoli.

Sant’Agata Feltria

Visiting this place you will have the sensation of becoming part of a world which has always lain inside your imagination.


Cesena is on the renowned Via Emilia. It is defined the city of the three Popes.

San Marino

Since 2008 San Marino and Mount Titano have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Pennabilli is situated in the heart of Montefeltro, along the Marecchia Valley, although it can be considered a border area because of its position between the Marches, Romagna and Tuscany.


This picturesque village has a very regular urban layout, with long straight alleyways similar to that of a Roman camp.


In 1998 the historic centre of Urbino was declared a World Heritage Site because it represents the peak of Renaissance art and architecture.


Gradara is a picturesque medieval village with a castle and an imposing fortified walkway.


Rimini has a dual identity: one historic and artistic, the other related to its reputation as a seaside resort.


Since 2005 Verucchio has been awarded the Bandiera Arancione (Orange flag) by the Italian Touring Club.

San Leo

San Leo is a place overflowing with history and culture, which has preserved a remarkable architectural heritage.