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Cesena - Piazza del Popolo

Cesena is on the renowned Via Emilia.
It is defined the city of the three Popes, Pius VIth and Pius VIIth were borned here and it hosted the bishopric of Pius VIIIth.
The Biblioteca Malatestiana (Malatestiana Library) constitutes the greatest and most precious treasure of this municipality. This library was built inside the convent of San Francesco and commissioned by Novello Malatesta in XVth century.
As the first civic library in Europe, its importance has been recognised by Unesco, which has seen fit to include it in the Memory of the World Programme Register. It is the only one in the world to have conserved its original structure, fittings and codexes since its opening more than 500 years ago.
It represents a place where the visitor can breathe an atmosphere taking him back in time to see the monks busy writing in their antique volumes without artificial lighting or heating. Those same volumes are still chained to the 58 desks which originally served as lecterns and storage places for the books.
Besides the library, the Malatestas also built the imposing castle, which dominates the city. Another gem dear to the citizens of Cesena is Fontana Masini (Masini Fountain) in late-mannerist style, made of Istrian stone and positioned in the picturesque Piazza del Popolo.