Federico Fellini and Tonino Guerra
Fellini Tonino Guerra Amarcord
Federico Fellini - Foto: Paritani

“It is not true that one and one always makes two; a drop plus a drop makes a bigger drop “. It is not known whether Tonino Guerra dedicated this poem to his friend Federico Fellini – even if poems are never dedicated, but are given as gifts, and it is nice to give words to people – but it is nice, after all, to imagine he did. While Rimini celebrates the centenary of the Maestro’s birth (1920-2020), in the hinterland, more precisely in Pennabilli, on the road leading to Tonino’s house, there is a wooden pole bearing this small but precious lyrical fragment, around which a colony of cats, in their “fel (l) inity”, walk every day.

Tonino and Federico, Federico and Tonino. Two crystalline drops that one day decided to meet and walk – together, each with their own poetic concept – a road. Not “The Road”, that road that has become a famous film, but more simply a road. Long and delicate. Certainly without corners: both of them, in their life, have somehow abolished the rough edges.

I meet them everywhere, those two friends. In Rimini, in Santarcangelo di Romagna, in Pennabilli. In people’s eyes and features, perhaps emphasized, certainly genuine. It is the poetry of Romagna, the one they wrote but above all lived. Men and women who know the lightness of the rhymes and the roundness of the piadina, the softness of the Sangiovese, the caresses of the Garbino (a dialect name of Libeccio a local wind), the scent of the rain meeting the sea along the strip of cement and dreams flanking the port.

But it is perhaps in a film, the film, that if you are there to look at all of it you come out feeling a little crazy. It is exactly in this film that the two drops become one, large, immense, infinite. A drop crossing the Atlantic Ocean, filling it still more and going to get the Oscar award, in 1975. “With ‘Amarcord’ it seems that Federico and I managed to give childhood to the world, “said Guerra.

This is the name of this film. It should not be translated, but rather, it must be lived, as in all true friendships, like a drop of water which decides to embrace another one and marry the sea.

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