Like many others in Emilia-Romagna this place can rightly be defined as a village of good food and culture.
Each year the Festa Artusiana takes place to celebrate Pellegrino Artusi, the man who was born here and has become the symbol of the Italian cuisine.
The lovers of this art refer to these recipes from Romagna on the basis of numbers given to each one of his dishes by this well-known figure.
His work includes home cooking and its flavours, the household economy to which an “azdoura” (housewife of Romagna) had to think when she went shopping. All the products she bought had to be contained in her “zinêl” (apron) then she would come back from the garden or from the village grocery store with vegetables and juicy fruits to be empted onto the table and used to prepare and cook traditional dishes.
The definition of “Cooking” according to Pellegrino Artusi is:
“Cooking’s a puckish art. It will often, and indeed gladly, drive you to distraction but can also give enormous pleasure, that is because the time you do get it right or overcome one difficulty or another you get an immense feeling of satisfaction and sing victory”
Besides the culinary art reigning in Casa Artusi, Forlimpopoli also boasts of a historic Fortress, housing the Municipal Offices, the Archeological Museum and the Giuseppe Verdi Theatre, a nineteenth century jewel. The invitation is to delight your senses and participate in the tour which includes these unique treasures from Romagna.