mondaino_viaggi romagna_itineraris
Piazza Mondaino - Foto: Arch. Prov. RN Autore Paritani

Mondaino is a small fortified village in the Conca Valley. Not only has it witnessed clashes and battles over the nearby strategically indispensable hilltops, but also political meetings of the highest level.

The Malatestas elected this village as the ideal place to sign treaties with their bitter enemies, the Montefeltros, Lords of Urbino (only 25 km from here) and of all the centres of the upper Conca Valley.

Not only does the history of this village go back to medieval times, but it originated much further back in time intertwining myth and legend. A temple erected by the Romans dedicated to Diana (goddess of hunting and forests) stood here and would have been particularly important in Roman times. The name of the place evolved over the centuries from Mons Damarum (Monte Daino) to Mondaino probably with reference to the deer once present in large quantities in the woods around the area.

Its splendid semi-circular piazza is a truly nineteenth-century jewel, decorated by an elegant neoclassical loggia – a natural setting for particular events – such as the Palio del Daino, which takes place in August and is one of the most well-known costume events in Italy and abroad.