Montebello and Poggio Torriana

Two of the imposing rocky spurs overlooking the Marecchia valley.
Their configuration was exploited during the Middle Ages when the fortresses of Scorticata (today’s Poggio Torriana) and Montebello were built. They were two strategic points for controlling and defending the territory, governed by the Malatesta Family.
Each of these two fortresses has its own story to be told. According to a legend Gianciotto Malatesta, sadly known for having murdered the two famous lovers Paolo and Francesca, met his death in one of the dungeons of Torriana, while Montebello Castle is famous for its legend of the ghost of Azzurrina.
In Poggio Torriana Tonino Guerra created another splendid artwork, the Water Tree, a homage of the poet to his loved river, the Marecchia.
For those who decide to visit this place with us, a surprise stage is waiting for to delight the palate of the connoisseur.