Foto: ITineraris

Montefeltro is a sub-region of the Alta Valmarecchia, extending between the hills of the central Apennines and the Adriatic Sea, in the hinterland of the Province of Rimini, on the border between the Province of Pesaro and Tuscany. This fascinating area, rich in history and nature, now includes 20 municipalities among which the splendid villages of Pennabilli, San Leo and Sant’Agata Feltria. The term Montefeltro derives from the Latin Mons Feretri which, according to some scholars, comes from Giove Feretrio, a deity to whom a temple which stood on the rock of San Leo was dedicated.
The history of these places concerns the disputes between the Malatestas and the Montefeltros, the incursions of the Medicis and the Della Roveres, up to the eventual direct dominion by the Church.
Since the Middle Ages, the particular morphology of this territory dotted with rocky spurs rising out of the green hills around Montefeltro, has favoured a melting pot of particular interests, proposing, within short distances, domains and political orientations opposed to each other. An administrative unit was never possible, the communities retained forms of autonomy for a long time although they were part of the same diocese: an example is that of the Republic of San Marino. It is impossible to find a hill or rocky promontory in the Montefeltro area without a fortification or a sacred building.