Foto: PH. Paritani

The Fortress in this small and attractive village was the summer residence of the Lords of Rimini. It hosted illustrious figures like popes and emperors, for this reason it was enriched by palaces, churches and monasteries.
Today it is recognised as one of the most “Beautiful villages in Italy” and it received the “Bandiera Arancione” (Orange flag) from Italian Touring Club.
“The historic centre is typical, intimate, well-conserved. The street furniture and the green spaces are particularly well appointed”
Besides many awards during the modern age, it had the honour of being cited by Ariosto in its work “Orlando Furioso”.
Inside the parish church, we can also admire, on a wooden panel, a Crucifix of the fourteenth-century Rimini school.
On the horizon, we can admire a wide portion of coast ranging from Fano to Ravenna which varies from season to season. The citizens have exploited such factors to organize events attracting visitors who regularly return to breathe the unique atmosphere of this place.