Foto: T. Mosconi

On the border between Emilia-Romagna and the Marche, on the watershed dividing the Conca Valley from that of the Foglia, Montegridolfo is one of the best preserved villages in the Rimini area, contained within the walls of the Malatesta Castle of Montegridolfo from which you can enjoy a panoramic view of the hills down to the sea.

The castle was built as a defensive fortification, which later became a German stronghold of the Gothic Line. This small village still retains its fourteenth-century aspect.

Since the 12th century Montegridolfo owes its name to the Gridolfi family which originated from Rimini, on the Guelph side. They settled here during their clashes with the Ghibellines. The particular geographical position of Montegridolfo, which allows it to dominate Romagna and Montefeltro, resulted in bitter struggles and continuous destruction. In 1233 Montegridolfo swore loyalty to Rimini in the struggle against Urbino, but during the following centuries its dominion passed several times from the Malatestas to the Montefeltros. In 1509 it was finally controlled by the Papal States, after two brief dominions under Cesare Borgia and Venice. This jewel of the Romagna hinterland is counted among one of the “most beautiful villages in Italy” and deserves to be visited.