Romagna: hidden treasures and “soul-inspiring places”

Our land is full of surprises, it contains places that our beloved Tonino Guerra describes as “soul-inspiring”. You can hear the voice of the sea and the river waters crossing it. The territory contains restaurants, antique shops, artisans and panoramas with a very specific identity, that of Romagna and its people.

Each of these places has its own specific beauty in its unique territory, communicating the dreams and fantasies of those living there or merely visiting. This is our intent: “When you discover the treasures of this Land, you will be enchanted. You will contemplate the landscape from the sea to the valleys to the top of its hills and you will never feel homesick, because you will be welcomed and embraced by the typical hospitality for which we are well-known both in Italy and in the rest of the world”.

In addition to parks and woods, Romagna is rich in fruit trees and vegetable gardens. And here with a flight of fantasy we can remember our grandparents, going out early in the morning to gather herbs in places that only they knew of and always jealously guarded. Then, in the evening, the herbs were cooked to fill “piada” and create his majesty the “Cassone”.

How good those dishes tasted! The hot Sunday broths where the tasty “passatelli” (pasta made from Parmesan cheese and breadcrumbs) and the “quadrettini” (small square-shaped pasta cut all the same) floated… We still remember the sound made by our grandmothers as they chopped the folded sheets of pasta, cut with a precision and a force that only their arms could impress, arms belonging to the “Azdore”, legendary women of our territory, queens of the heart and of the kitchen.

And then there was Mrs Tagliatella to be twisted on the fork and Mr Tagliolino in broth to be turned like a nest on the big spoons. If you quickly learned how to eat them, you will end up asking for a second helping!

Soul-inspiring places

To those working in tourism in Romagna, Tonino Guerra has written and dedicated the following poem. Its title is the name of an insect that illuminates the night, appears and disappears like the happiness of a moment which cannot be forgotten: “The fireflies “.

In May the fireflies

are small stars


into your eyes.

For Tonino Guerra “The fireflies” are those ideas and things which delight the eye and make these “soul-inspiring places” wonderfully unique, to be looked at and not just seen. Gushing fountains, mosaics of a thousand colours, smiling curtains, blossoming and sometimes shy flowers in the centre of a table, painted bottles, transparent coloured glass, vases stained with rainbow hues, welcoming tablecloths, tapestries and luminous paintings. Each one of these is present in many places, villages and art centres of Romagna.

The beauty described by Tonino Guerra has not disappeared, it is alive and present to delight the eyes of those visiting our area.

"This travel experience brings with it a return
to slow living the beauty of discovery.
That this discovery also be a journey evoking our deepest emotions"

itineraris_tour alternativi_romagna

This is ITineraris, the guide to slow travel. And this is its philosophy translated into image: the beginning of a story and of a journey signing the way. A path leading to infinity. An itinerary which unravels from the centre to form a snail recalling to mind the beauty of travelling on foot, eating Slow food and enjoying the “landscape, history and tradition”.

The itinerary unfolds like a game, a maze and a map to reveal the most authentic places in Romagna, destinations suitable for adults and children. It is also a spyhole, a window overlooking a landscape, a lens that shows, tells and attracts. The eye travels to the heart of an authentic land to discover the hidden treasures of Romagna: places to know, emotions to feel, experiences to enjoy.