Pennabilli - luoghi dell'anima - Tonino Guerra
Pennabilli - Foto: PH. Paritani

Pennabilli owes its urban layout to the union of its two castles: Billi and Penna.
The village has extremely antique origins, having seen a succession of Umbrians, Etruscans and Romans, until around the year one thousand the attractive and characteristic historic centre composed of fortificiations and religious buildings developed.
It is situated in the heart of Montefeltro, along the Marecchia Valley, although it can be considered a border area because of its position between the Marches, Romagna and Tuscany which gives this village a different atmosphere from that of other places, one permeated by echoes emanating from historic, religious and artistic events.
Some years ago this small gem was defined by the local poet Tonino Guerra as one of his “soul-inspiring places”. Along its streets you seem to hear lines from his poetry which accompany the visitor as he discovers the innate beauty of this landscape immersed in silence.