San Leo
trekking guidato san leo
San Leo - Foto: Paritani

San Leo is located almost 600 m above sea level, on an outcrop of rock rising above the surrounding hills. The view to be enjoyed from this place is one of the most picturesque and characteristic of the region. The panorama extends from the surrounding mountains to the Valmarecchia, as far as the sea.
The only access to the village is a single road carved out of the rocky spur on which the 15th century impregnable Fortress was built. It is the place where the Count of Cagliostro was imprisoned.
Thanks to its particular morphological conformation, San Leo has been considered a sacred place since the pre-Roman era. It was the capital of the County of Montefeltro and theatre of civil and military battles for about two millennia. Although for a short time in the tenth century it assumed the title of Capital of Italy under Berengar II. The village also hosted Dante and Saint Francis of Assisi.
It is a place overflowing with history and culture, which has preserved a remarkable architectural heritage: the Fortress, the bell tower, the pre-Romanesque parish church of Santa Maria Assunta, the Romanesque Cathedral built by Lombard masters of the 12th century, the Museum of Sacred Art inside the Medici Palace. The surrounding area hosts the Franciscan convent of St. Igne.
The village of San Leo and its mighty Fortress retain memories of incredibly fantastic stories that we aim to transmit by means of activities and laboratories. These include assaults on the castle, treasure hunts, ancient court games bringing to life legends and myths enacted within and around the Fortress.