San Marino

Since 2008 San Marino and Mount Titano have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

According to UNESCO: San Marino and Mount Titano are an exceptional testimony to the institution of a representative democracy based upon civic autonomy and self-government, having been the capital city of an independent Republic since the 13th century with uninterrupted continuity unique in history. San Marino is an exceptional testimony to a living cultural tradition that has lasted seven hundred years.”

This cultural heritage includes perfectly conserved artwork and monuments embracing the whole history of this antique Republic.

The microstate is known for its medieval historic centre, its surrounding walls which protect and contain narrow streets full of small shops selling souvenirs of this unique place, stamps, coins and above all designer ceramics signed Ercole Casali, Luigi Masi and Marmaca.

The symbol of the City-State are the three towers, fortresses dating back to the XIth century, but what really catches the eye of the visitor are churches, buildings and Piazza della Libertà, from where it is possible to enjoy an enchanting view.