Sant’Agata Feltria
Sant'Agata Feltria - Foto: Paritani

The origins of Sant’Agata Feltria date from the pre-Roman period. It is said that when, in 600 AD, a rock came loose from Mount Ercole in the Marecchia valley a church was built to St. Agatha, around which the urban settlement developed. Today this place offers wonderful cultural, natural, spiritual and gastronomic itineraries.

Besides the Malatestas and the Montefetros, the village was dominated by the Fregoso family who gave their name to the fortress and embellished the village with treasures like the antique Angelo Mariani Theatre, built entirely in wood.

Thanks to a unique project of Antonio Faeti, writer, essayist, academic, pedagogist, painter and illustrator from Bologna, Fregoso Fortress is also called the Fairytale Fortress, due to its permanent museum dedicated to a world of Fantasy, an entertaining way of discovering the history of illustration.

Visiting this place you will have the sensation of becoming part of a world which has always lain inside your imagination.