“…A greatly loved small village in Romagna” so wrote Giovanni Pascoli, our poet who came to Sogliano to visit his sisters who studied and lived here in the early twentieth century.
This picturesque village is full of surprises, the one which mostly attracts the visitors is the presence of different sandstone pits used to mature the famous Fossa Cheese.
Sogliano has approximately 3200 inhabitants, but over the years it has continued to transform many of its buildings, streets and squares into veritable art treasures. For example, in the main square Tonino Guerra designed and created the first fountain dedicated to butterflies, described by the poet as follows “on a magic carpet straight from the African desert, some butterflies arrived in Romagna ready to take flight again”.
Besides poetry Sogliano hosts a place dedicated to music: the Museum of Vintage Records, where the evolution of sound recording and the characteristics of records are documented during their 130-year life. This small village offers many other unexpected surprises and now we just have to discover them together.