The pleasant way of life in Romagna
Ligaza convivialità Santarcangelo
Vivere in Romagna - Foto: Paritani

Emilia-Romagna is one of the most vital and productive regions of Italy. It excels in many sectors, such as education, food production and tourist reception, but here, as everywhere, there are some differences from one area to another. A curious stereotype describes the people of Romagna as being extrovert and welcoming, while the Emilians would be a little more reserved, even though they are still friendly. The main differences are historic and linguistic: from the fall of the Roman Empire to the unification of Italy, Emilia and Romagna were divided. The Emilian cities were organized into more or less independent municipalities and duchies while those of Romagna were initially under the Byzantine Empire and then under the State of the Church. We want to show you the authentic Romagna under a magnifying glass as it were, to make you discover its traditions and let you get in touch with the local people to be infected by their good humour and pleasant way of life!

The Romagnoli are an industrious people, who like to do things well, are proud of their origins and love to enjoy life, without haste, because haste hurts good living. One of the pleasures they never give up on is conviviality, preferably eating together. A local saying says: as long as they offer you a glass of water you are in Emilia, when they switch to a glass of wine you have arrived in Romagna.

At midday you don’t eat a sandwich at a bar, the trattorias are full of people ordering a full meal, after which they go back to work. At home in Romagna, the kitchen represents the largest and most important room in the house, often hosting a table with at least 10 seats, plus the extendable section. The pots and pans are in quantities suitable for a royal banquet and if you are invited to dinner by a local family, rest assured that you will not get up from the table hungry.

They take conviviality so seriously that they even coined a term to indicate the custom of sharing and collectively consuming food and drinks that everyone prepares and brings from home: LIGAZA. This custom has its roots in the agricultural world, where food was transported in the traditional checkered handkerchief, but it is still in vogue today, for the pleasure of being together.

Romagna is a hospitable land full of surprises, discover it with us!

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