Fiume Marecchia_Marecchia river
Valmarecchia - Foto: Provincia di Rimini

The Marecchia Valley is located in the hills of the Rimini hinterland, at the southern extremity of Emilia-Romagna; enclosed by the Marche, Tuscany and the Republic of San Marino. It is an area of great cultural, naturalistic and gastronomic interest, boasting a monumental and artistic heritage among the most admired in Italy: it is dotted with medieval villages, castles and fortresses, immersed in a picturesque landscape. The valley slopes down from the central Apennines to the sea, among soft clay hills with sandstone spurs and limestone rocks, which rise here and there in disorder. Since ancient times it saw the presence of famous men, such as Giulio Cesare, Dante, Saint Francis, Cagliostro, Raffaello, Leonardo Da Vinci. From the thirteenth century it was disputed between the great antagonistic families of Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta (Lord of Rimini) and Federico da Montefeltro (Duke of Urbino). Among its villages there are some of the most attractive in Italy, to name a few: Sant’Agata Feltria, Santarcangelo di Romagna, Pennabilli, San Leo and Verucchio (the last three have recently received the “Bandiera Arancione” (orange flag) from the Touring Club)
The Marecchia valley countryside varies between dense forest with a rich fauna and unexpected natural panoramic balconies from which you can see the sea coast. From the geografical point of view it differs from the northern valleys and the course of Marecchia river is conventionally used as the border between northern and central-southern Italy: from here the properly said “Italian peninsula” begins. Over the course of time, numerous cultural and gastronomic events have become popular, constituting a strong tourist attraction, such as:
the Fiera di San Martino, Calici and the International Festival of Theatre in Santarcangelo di Romagna;
the Truffle Fair and the Country of Christmas in Sant’Agata Feltria;
the Fossa Cheese Fair in Sogliano;
the Exhibition of Antiques and Artists in Piazza in Pennabilli and many more.